Route Stability Detection Using Bee Inspired Communication in Vehicular Networks

  • Abubakar Aminu Muazu Umaru Musa Yar'adua University Katsina
  • Dr. Ibrahim
Keywords: Stable route, Bee inspired, VANET, TDMA, Cluste


Providing a stable route for vehicular networks (VANET) is an essential   problem to consider in packet transmission from one vehicle to another. A QoS routing scheme inspired by bee communications is proposed to find and create a secure route towards destination. This paper proposes a method for selecting a stable link based on availability in the neighbourhood. A scheme inspired by natural bee communication is proposed in this paper that adopts TDMA clustering approach. The concept of mobile agent is based on the mobility behavior of bees in the exchange of network traffic information between VANET nodes for the quality transmission of data packets. This is accomplished by calculating the corresponding QoS supply values on the basis of stability metric threshold between the beehive (source) and the food source (destination) node. There observed a better performance in the proposed schemes in terms over the two routing protocols for VANET (the AODV and DSR) in terms of overhead and broken links.

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