A Two Phase Optimization Scheme with Efficient Prediction-based Triggering for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Datacenters

  • Rahimatu Hayatu Yahaya Bayero University Kano
  • Faruku Umar Ambursa Bayero University Kano
  • Bashir Galadanci Bayero University Kano
Keywords: Virtual Machine Placement, Online and Offline VM Scheduling, Two-phase Optimization.


Cloud services have become one of the most critical IT infrastructures of today offering easy access to multiple services. Virtualization enables multiple clients and enterprises to leverage such cloud services simultaneously in order to optimize the use of resources and reduce the physical systems available. Virtual Machine Placement (VMP) is concerned with selecting appropriate physical machines for each virtual machine request. This work proposed an improved two-phase optimization scheme for the Virtual Machine Placement problem. The considered two-phase optimization scheme incorporated the features and advantages of both online (dynamic) and offline (static) VMP formulations, where a predictive VMPr triggering technique is proposed to decide when to cause a recalculation phase of the placement. Taking into account 400 different scenarios, experimental evaluation was performed against the benchmark research and the results show that the proposed VMPr triggering technique outperforms the benchmark work by achieving a minimum cost function.


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